100 Awesome Things [1-10]

Feeling inspired by Neil Pasricha’s blog http://1000awesomethings.com/  I thought I’d create my own list of 100 things that I think are just plain awesome:

#1 Seeing Snowfall 


#2 A smile from a Stranger :)


#3 When someone gives you way as you’re changing lanes on a busy road

Golden Gate Bridge 1962: San Francisco Public Library Historical Photos 


#4 A sunny day and blue skies in the dead of winter


Kings Park on a rare, sunny  Perth winter's day
Kings Park on a rare, sunny Perth winter’s day


#5 An unexpected Distinction or A on an assignment done the night before it was due

I got an A!
I got an A!

#6 Getting a call or email from a long lost friend



#7 Finding 20 bucks in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in a while

A pleasant surprise!
A pleasant surprise!


#8 A fast moving freeway during peak hour

Image via Musaad (CJ)



#9 When someone brings you your favourite food

#10 Getting a parking spot on your first try when running late for work or class

Image via Leeham

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