100 Awesome Things [81-90]

Taking a leaf out of Neil Pasricha’s blog http://1000awesomethings.com/ I’ve compiled my own list of things that I think make life just that bit more awesome. Here, 10 at a time are my 100 Awesome Things:

#81 Seeing an elderly couple hold hands

Or hug :) Image by i.tokaris

#82 Dry clothes after being trapped in the rain

#83 Finishing a book

My summer reading
My summer reading

#84 Moonlight spilling in through the windows

#85 Seeing the first bloom of the seeds you planted

Our garden
Seen in our garden

#86 Flowers for no reason

Surprise roses

#87 The heartfelt smile that follows a random act of kindness

#88 Candlelight. All rooms, all purposes ;)

My candles
I heart candles

#89  Skype dates with long-distance friends

#90 The excitement before a first date (especially if it’s with someone you really like)


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