An Ode to Birthdays

Call me a kid, but I absolutely love birthdays. There is nothing more fun than an old-fashion birthday party with lots of sugar, laughs and fun and games. I hit my quarter-century last week and I had a blast celebrating it. I’m definitely one of those birthday princesses who claims the weeks leading up to-and after-as “my birthday,” despite being an adult woman in my mid-twenties. And why not? They are so fun! We all get one too, so there’s no waiting around for a celebration and there’s no proposal required!! hahaha.

I reckon everyday should be a celebration of your general awesomeness, but birthdays are like a dedicated day to openly declare and make a riot out it- kind of like an annual personal holiday. And if you’re lucky enough to have people around you who let you indulge in birthday goodness and get a kick out of celebrating your specialness with you, then the fun-o-meter is through the roof! I love celebrations with loved ones, and I love that I have people around me who are happy to play drunken children’s games, wear party hats and glow-sticks, and stuff their faces with food with me. Talk about a happy birthday :)

So there is nothing more to this post except to spread the joys from my own birthday high, and to giddily declare that birthdays are awesome, forever and ever, amen.

Cake 1 out of 3.
Cake no. 1 out of 3. Yes.
Family fun times
Food, Friends, Family and Fun! :)



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