AphroditeAn open letter, with love,


When I open my heart
I am filled
with delight so profound
with ecstasy so sweet
with pleasure so deep
the connecting with my beloved
takes me to all the places
and the union
plays rhapsodies in my soul
I can achieve union
when I achieve oneness
with myself
I can dance partnership
when I can dance alone
I can love another
when I can love myself.


A love so profound and deeply moving that you can’t help but surrender to it, and let it carry you forward on your journey towards your true self. If you let it, love will transform you, lift you, stretch you, connect you and heal you. It is the fabric of the universe and the language of the soul. It is the unseen energy that binds each living thing. It is within and without. When you embody love for yourself, for those around you and for the world in which we live, you open yourself to receiving love and to the evolution of your self: becoming the man or woman you are meant to be, and living your highest potential.

In evolving, growing, transforming, understanding and loving yourself; only in becoming who you need to be for yourself, and in becoming your best self, can you show up as the man or woman that the person you love needs you to be.

Love is my religion.
Love is my God.
Love is my truth.
Love is my beauty.
Love is what I preach.
Love is what I teach.
Love is what I know, because
Love is who I am.

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